Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lost and Abandoned Memory

On one of my antique store raids, i came
across this metal box, to discover that within
this metal box, was a slide viewer and slides
from the 1960's of a trip to the grand canyon.
They were Abandoned and Forgotten in life's movements.
Memories long gone, ghosts of what was.
I bought them and took them home to give them
meaning again.

So this is what i came up with.
and may i say im REALLY excited
to see what all comes out of this series :)
in normal light the piece looks nice and simple
and you cant really see anything but black
in the slide. But hold it up to light and there's
your hidden oasis, at your very finger tips.
let your imagination take you away to a calm place,
where water is streaming, and birds calling, a prefect
getaway from today's busy world. The Negative shows
a lovely stream/creek flowing down rocks of all sizes
with a sweet sky and trees.