Sunday, October 10, 2010

37th Toys Designed by Artists Exhibtion

I got this in the mail the other day and about scared my roommate to death! One of my friends in the metals department told me i should totally submit "El Musta-Cheh" to this show and after she told me i really really should i decided why not. I really wasnt expecting to get in, i really wants sure if my piece really could be concidered a toy but the more i think about it, it totally is!
anyway the show is in Arkansas and im totally going to do everything
in my power to be able to go!
The reception is December 16th and the
show will run till February 20th.

"Bat Crazy"

I FINALLY took pictures of this! Last year I
got to take a Mokume Gane class and boy is that process very intensive. I made one good billet and my other one failed. I really enjoy working with the
patterned metal its such a really neat touch and there are so many ways to finish it and different combinations of metals you can use to create it!

"Raven's Cameo" and 5th Annual Intercollegiate Metals Exhibition

NEW!! :D
I've been pretty sick this past month and decided that I was going to at least make it some what productive. This actually started out at just a doodle when i was working
on my color theory homework and totally snowballed out of control into what you see now! may i also say making that chain was such a PAIN!!! but well worth it in the end :D
Also it was accepted into the 5th Annual Intercollegiate Metals Exhibition!! Last year my "Every Cactus Has its Thorns" piece made it in and won second place in jewelry! wish me luck this year!

4th Annual Arizona Designer Craftsmen Juried Exibition

This was such an exciting show for me.
All four pieces i submitted made it in and i won first place in the entire show!
The show itself was really impressive, i had no clue and really surprised me when i won, i was just happy i got
in the show to begin with. There was sooooo
much really nice stuff in the show and i
defiantly had some favorites, all around awesome show
full of amazing artists! I feel honored to get to have my art in there with them.

Me with my piece that won :D

Me and my Dad, he has yet to miss any of my shows.
just saying, my Dad is awesome and i'm so lucky to have him!
Love ya Dad! "Release"

"Every Cactus Has its Thorns"

"El Musta-Cheh"

"Night Watchers"

Sunday, August 8, 2010


wow i never realized i never took photos of this! i made it almost 2 years ago!! and boy let me tell you what those hinges kicked my pa-to-teeeeee!!!


Where do we go when we die? Each side of the Pyramid of the Afterlife represents 3 different possible outcomes. The doors are Phoenixes Guarding the entrance, and they known for rebirth. One side represents Buddhists and reincarnation. The back side represents wicca and the returning to mother nature. The final side represents the afterlife. I decided to not go the typical way and represent christianity and went with ancient Egypt instead. The rose inside the pyramid is one of the roses from my grandfathers funeral. I held onto it as long as i could to keep it intact for something really special.

Friday, August 6, 2010

What?!?! An update?!


Alone in an antique store a boy of old sat
patiently awaiting
day by day for someone
to scoop him up
take him home
and release him.

To give him purpose.
To give him a meaning.

A place to call home again.
A place to be free.