Thursday, May 29, 2008

WOOT heres an update on mis expedition into creating mio own etsy store! =^_^= masks!

wow that was a really really REALLY long title...


check it out! they are still in progress and nowhere near done
BUT soon enough ill be able to list them!


i also have a bunch of other jewelry for meh store,
teehehee i use temp tattoos and they are quite epic too,
theres way to many so im just gonna give you the warning
and joo can see them when i get them all listed!

so with out further or due!
my sweet lil mask pendants!

Monday, May 19, 2008

etsy stoofss teehehe

so yeah here are the first 2 of moi pendants for mis esty shope!

right now im working on 3 others and am waiting for
my paycheck on friday so i can start buying the chains
and beads and cool stoofs teeheheh


tellz meh what joo think!

and keep an eye
theyll all be up for grabs

also ill have some better pics up soon,
i cant find my stupid camera!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


well here ya go this is what i got so

i still want to finish it...

my biggest problem is that sculpty apperantly gets pretty
heavy after a while and it doesn't like to balence very easy....

anyway im either gonna go way farther with this
OR i'm gonna be parting it up and make a bunch of
smaller ones...

anyway ive desided what im going to be doing for

ima gonna open up an etsy shop!

im gonna make a buch of jewlery
i got a BUNCH of really REALLY cool
stuff that im gonna be making so
keep an eye out!

more then likely this will go up too....

either in parts or as a whole lol

thanks for stopping by!

Photo credits
go to my super awesome
3-D teach-Lynette =^_^=
and this is her page you should
check it out!
shes a jewelry grad student and she has
some pretty freakin sweet stuff!

Monday, May 5, 2008

woooo!!!! moblie in the works! >: )

so here ya go!
its 9pm and this is all i have done....
lol the damn turtle took WAY
longer then i thought!
anyway i just gots to do the manta ray
and some more fishes and
then ill start putting it together....

BTW the top pick is an eel....
its like impossible to take a photo
when its still freaking hot out of the oven
and well its a web cam pick!

ill put the finished piece up
tomorrows when it is COMPLETE!!!