Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Brass Armadillo!

so i went to the brass armadillo this
last sunday
and BOY did i find some cool stuff!
i didnt buy any of it due to the
fact i dont have room in my apartment but
i took pics! XD

a freaking HUGE globe!!!:

lol im a sagittarius

THE MOST AWESOME chair that i should have

and lots of silver platers!

i bought a secret decoder ring!!!
you know the ones that you
could get in a ceral box
years and years ago
that i thought were just a joke...
well NOPE its real and now i have one

best buy ever.

Phone Sheep!?

So i was interneting today and i stumbed upon
the most old and freaking awesome why didnt
i think of that thing!

lol this artist takes phones and makes sheep out
of them!
this would have been great for the repition project
in my 3-d class!!!


anyway the artist name is:
freaking genius!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


okay so today i was approached
by a lovely lady who has a blog
and wants me to donate
something for her
31 days of halloween giveaway

so after much thought,
what the heck ill do it

so ill be featured in this blog
from now till the giveaways!

so keep an eye out!
and maybe you can win!

it wont be until October,
so its going to be GREAT

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Base Coat!

okay so ive finally gotten around to painting
my dragon!
this is his FIRST base coat so bare that in mind
there is much shading and detailing to do!

anyways i cant for the life of me decide
that hell color his teeth should be!
should he have pearly white teeth with the beige spikes horns?
beige spikes horns AND teeth?
or did i totally mess up and
should i make his horns spikes AND teeth all pearly white?!?!
if so that would be easy to fix and all but
i feel pretty freaking stuck right now...

any opinions?!?!

which looks better?!?!?!

and i also uploaded this lovely new necklace!
and one day ill finish my box i made
and upload it XD