Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Brass Armadillo!

so i went to the brass armadillo this
last sunday
and BOY did i find some cool stuff!
i didnt buy any of it due to the
fact i dont have room in my apartment but
i took pics! XD

a freaking HUGE globe!!!:

lol im a sagittarius

THE MOST AWESOME chair that i should have

and lots of silver platers!

i bought a secret decoder ring!!!
you know the ones that you
could get in a ceral box
years and years ago
that i thought were just a joke...
well NOPE its real and now i have one

best buy ever.


Lulda Casadaga said...

Looks like some great finds...I think I've seen that chair before somewhere!!

That nite stand behind the chair looks like the one I have except mine is not painted.
French Provencial...Luv the ring too!!

Manda said...

lol thats awesome!!!
im in love with that chair!
its so unique!

i may have to sneak back over
there and buy it and
find a way to sneak it into
my apartment!

that ring is so much fun! :P

Lynette said...

Ok. I need to see that ring! You must bring it and show me! Awesome! And I will have to go buy all those platters...pronto!