Thursday, May 8, 2008


well here ya go this is what i got so

i still want to finish it...

my biggest problem is that sculpty apperantly gets pretty
heavy after a while and it doesn't like to balence very easy....

anyway im either gonna go way farther with this
OR i'm gonna be parting it up and make a bunch of
smaller ones...

anyway ive desided what im going to be doing for

ima gonna open up an etsy shop!

im gonna make a buch of jewlery
i got a BUNCH of really REALLY cool
stuff that im gonna be making so
keep an eye out!

more then likely this will go up too....

either in parts or as a whole lol

thanks for stopping by!

Photo credits
go to my super awesome
3-D teach-Lynette =^_^=
and this is her page you should
check it out!
shes a jewelry grad student and she has
some pretty freakin sweet stuff!

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