Sunday, October 10, 2010

4th Annual Arizona Designer Craftsmen Juried Exibition

This was such an exciting show for me.
All four pieces i submitted made it in and i won first place in the entire show!
The show itself was really impressive, i had no clue and really surprised me when i won, i was just happy i got
in the show to begin with. There was sooooo
much really nice stuff in the show and i
defiantly had some favorites, all around awesome show
full of amazing artists! I feel honored to get to have my art in there with them.

Me with my piece that won :D

Me and my Dad, he has yet to miss any of my shows.
just saying, my Dad is awesome and i'm so lucky to have him!
Love ya Dad! "Release"

"Every Cactus Has its Thorns"

"El Musta-Cheh"

"Night Watchers"

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