Thursday, July 31, 2008

a new endevor!

wood burning ACEOs

and aceo is an
artist card edition orginal!
they are 2.5x 3.5!

i had so much fun wood burning my
tool box for sculpture saftey and now i have
all this laminate wood left over
and what a way to use it!
this one that i have above sold not 3 mins
after it was listed! XD
i love etsy chats!


Lynette said...

awesome! But why isnt there a pic of your tool box?! I wanna see that...

Lauren said...

Love it! Watch your woods though, some are safe to burn on and some art not. I would be careful with anything with a laminate over it.

Manda said...

oh really?
i never really thought
of that,
and that would defiantly
explain all the massive
headaches ive been having

thanks for the tip lauren!!