Thursday, September 25, 2008

water, apperntly its an important thing.

so apparently water is an import thing.
and i know for a fact that i get dehydrated
pretty easy so i try to at least drink 1 glass a day...
well TRY
but apparently i havent been keeping
close tabs on it the past few weeks,
and BOY does it suck to get as bad as i was on
tuesday and wensday.

i work 2 jobs and i go to school,
so i really wasnt paying any attention.
now i work one job and go to school.
i desided this week my health is just not work
killing over it.

like i was so bad i should have gone to the
emergency room but theres no way im paying for that!
so i sat in a chair all day drinking water.
ive never felt so dizzy and so disorientated in my life!
like i couldnt even walk straight for 5 feet with out almost
falling over. i felt ill all day.
i almost pasted out on tuesday,
that was scary.
completely wasted my time all
because i didnt drink water.
missed class missed work.

totally not worth it.

so lesson here.
drink some damn water.
its good for you and vital
to your health.

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