Sunday, January 18, 2009

so its been awhile but heres some new and more to come!

i know this looks like a ode to chatolisim BUT its not
its a king chess piece hollow ring
and boy can i say WOW this was REALLY hard to make...
but i just need to practice practice practice!!!

this piece actually looks different now,
ill have to upload a new pick of it soon!
i love it to death!

and last but now least a necklace to match

ive been really getting into the orchid thing.
they are beautiful flowers and i make
each one with different marks, dents,
hammer textures, and patinas.

each one represents all of us people who
are all beautiful.
but each of us have our own unique flaws
that make us who we are.

i have a bunch of orchid pins that im making
for my shop and the upcoming yuma symposium!
should be really exciting and as soon as i get photos ill upload them!!

also photo credit goes to my friend Lynette Andreasen!
you should check out her blog shes an amazing

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